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Make your next meeting or event Historic

The perfect setting for meetings, events, receptions and more.

Blinn House Photos by Tavo Olmos and Dennis Hill

A historic setting for your event

The Blinn House has been the meeting place for membership-based organizations since the 1940s. Pasadena Heritage continues this legacy into the present day by offering the home for public usage. It is available for business meetings, group meetings, receptions, mixers, holiday parties, and more.

The Event Space

The Myron Hunt Room

Designed by acclaimed Pasadena architect Myron Hunt (The Rose Bowl, The Huntington Library), this impressive space offers an up-to-date audio system with built-in speakers throughout the room, making it a perfectly functional space for group meetings and lectures. A large screen and projector are also available for use. This substantially sized room can comfortably accommodate up to 110 guests, making it the perfect space to accommodate your specific event and meeting needs.

The Garden Room

This enclosed sunroom is the perfect space for your more intimate events. With a maximum capacity of 20 guests this beautiful room will suit the needs of any small group. Branching off from the Blinn House’s formal living room you are offered a full view of the historic charm of the Blinn House on one side and the Ford Historic District on the other. The vintage 1940’s furniture can be easily arranged to suit your next meeting.

First Floor

The perfect historical setting for any event, large or small. Reserving the Blinn Houses first floor provides you with access to the spacious Myron Hunt Dining Room, the formal living room, the private library, and the airy Garden Room. With a capacity of 160, you have plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable with your guests in this unique historic seting.

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