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Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity at Pasadena Heritage

Pasadena Heritage recognizes that the rich architectural and cultural legacy of Pasadena is not the result of efforts of just a few citizens or a singular group. Rather, it is the culmination of contributions, large and small, from a diverse citizenry of many backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and interests who have called the City of Pasadena home.

Pasadena Heritage has worked tirelessly over the years to present the accomplishments of its citizens. The organization is committed to providing a platform for all community members and groups in our preservation, advocacy, and education efforts, and to continuing to grow Pasadena Heritage into an organization that reflects the true diversity of the City of Pasadena and it extraordinary legacy of architectural and cultural history.

A DEI Committee, composed of Board, staff, and volunteers continues to promote, plan and oversee this work.

The DEI Committee, chaired by Board member John Dean, meets monthly. One project being developed now is a database of potential landmark sites in Pasadena that recognize buildings or locations where people and events of historical significance occurred. 

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