Since 1975 an outstanding resource for hand-crafted and period styles: “Holton” Craftsman Mortise & Tenon frames, Plein Air hand-carved 22 kt gold, Custom finished wood, Leather designs, Plexiglas Boxes, Welded Steel, Archival Framing, Art Conservation/Restoration, Museum Mounts, Display Stands, Accessories, Desk Frames, Fine Art & Antique Prints, Custom Framed Mirrors.

Judson is the oldest family-run stained glass studio in America, still proudly offering an exquisite, handcrafted product made by local artisans, and continuing to serve the community that has sustained us through the decades. We are a full service architectural and art glass studio, working at any scale, from private residences to grand public spaces and restorations.

For fifteen years, Tico Tech has produced custom stained and sandblasted glass for doors, windows, cabinets and more. Additionally, we repair and restore stained glass panels. As fully licensed Glazing Contractor, we address each project with a creatively serious eye for quality design, technical precision and timely execution.