The Pasadena Heritage Oral History Project was created in 1996 with major funding provided by a bequest from Lucille W. Holling. The Project’s goal is to continue and expand the work of the former Pasadena Oral History Project, which was founded in 1977 by a consortium of community groups. The Oral History Project is an important part of Pasadena Heritage’s work to preserve our cultural and architectural heritage and history.


The Project’s focus is to document life in Pasadena – the evolving and ever fluid character and landscape of the city over the years – through the eyes of those who have experienced and participated in its history. As the city grows, prospers, and experiences a multitude of changes, it is inevitable that portions of its legacy are lost…to the bulldozer, to changing generations, to new technologies and to population shifts. Capturing individual stories and histories before they are lost, never to be reclaimed, is the priority of the Pasadena Heritage Oral History Project.