ARG was founded in 1980 with the belief that historic buildings play an important role in communities, creating places that have value and meaning. As a full-service architectural firm, we believe that older buildings can coexist with contemporary uses in positive ways for both the user and community at large; our goal is to enhance architecture through preservation. The firm’s staff includes architects, designers, planners, historians, and materials conservators who work closely together.

With an established reputation for quality and problem solving, Historic Resources Group (HRG) is the leading historic preservation planning, architecture, and development services firm in California. Since its founding in 1989, HRG has offered its clients – developers, real estate professionals, architects, nonprofits, community groups and governmental agencies – a wide variety of preservation services.

Multiple award-winning Le Grande Studios possesses nearly 30 years of notable painting, designs, historic color designations, conservation and restoration of most painted surfaces. Fine art, murals, gold and silver leaf, artisanal and Venetian plaster, custom wood treatments, trompe l’oel, hand applied ornament and decor. Creative, practical, and professional.

Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists, creates beautiful and enduring buildings, neighborhoods and districts, and through them reinvigorating civic life by restoring the urban cores of our town and cities and providing an alternative to suburban sprawl.
Pasadena Playhouse
Pasadena Civic Center
Mission Meridian