What Can I Do?

The greatest help comes from your active participation in the community and by becoming a member of Pasadena Heritage. As a member, you receive regular updates through our quarterly newsletter, alerting you to projects and policy developments that impact you most.

We also encourage you to follow the projects reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission, the Design Commission, and the Planning Commission, in addition to City Council issues.

Agendas and Staff Reports are posted on the City’s website and are typically updated on Thursdays:

How can I support Pasadena Heritage’s Advocacy efforts?

Becoming a member of Pasadena Heritage is the best way to support our advocacy efforts, as well as stay informed about issues in the City.

You can also join the mailing list to receive our monthly electronic PH news, which highlights our current concerns and projects.

We have a hard-working Advocacy Committee that consists of Pasadena Heritage Board members and engaged Pasadena residents. The Committee meets monthly to discuss the issues, strategize, and review proposed projects. It is chaired by a Board Vice-Chair of Advocacy, and staffed by Preservation Director Andrew Salimian.

How can I learn about topics being discussed by the City Council, or any City Commission, and how can I contact my Council representative?

Staff reports and highlights from City Council meetings are posted on the City’s website.
Pasadena is divided into seven Council districts, with one representative from each geographic area. Find and contact your Council member here.

Check weekly for items on the agendas of either the Historic Preservation, the Design, or the Planning Commissions.